Marye O’Brien

Experience the power of sound as it washes over your body in waves with Marye O’Brien’s sacred sound bath healings.

Founder of Maiaveda Wellness Centre in Kyneton, Marye is widely recognised as a gifted sound healer.

The ‘instruments’ used in Marye’s healings include pure crystal singing bowls, chimes, brass bells, monochrome, shamanic drum, Chau healing Gong and a range of other tribal instruments, as well as her uniquely authentic, soulful voice.

Marye’s healings offer a chance to unwind and truly experience the journey of sound – a deeply relaxing experience. 


Shelly Horkins

Experienced practitioner, Shelly Horkins provides intuitive guided meditation journeys as a part of our wellness days and regular meditation classes.

Class participants often comment that they experience deep relaxation and feel more grounded with a renewed sense of calm and inner peace.


Raelene Gooch

Qualified Yoga teacher, Raelene Gooch specialises is gentle yoga classes that are suitable for all abilities, all ages and all sizes.

In her classes the focus is on mindfulness and movement using the breath, allowing for many opportunities for stillness and reflection.