5 of the best reasons to have an outdoor Wedding

Deciding what type of wedding venue that you would like for your wedding is one of the first things engaged couples need consider when planning their wedding.

Considering whether to have an outdoor wedding or indoor can cut down your wedding venue options but there are some wonderful benefits to gain from an outdoor wedding. Here at Mimosa Glen Homestead, we are fortunate to offer both options: indoor and outdoor wedding spaces. We have our popular Wedding Rock for outdoor ceremonies, country gardens for both ceremony and reception and our rustic woolshed for indoor.

There are pros and cons for both indoor and outdoor weddings, but we thought it was worth highlighting the top 5 best reasons to have an outdoor wedding.

  1. COVID restrictions – outdoor wedding benefits

    In these pandemic times, it’s a challenging time to plan a wedding in Australia. We only need refer to our State here in Victoria that is currently in its fourth lockdown due to another COVID outbreak. Restrictions can change within hours which makes it a nerve-wracking time for couples once they have booked their wedding venue and sent out invitations.

    Having an outdoor venue for your ceremony and even your reception may allow more people than indoors. This is because of the COVID restrictions on square-metre spacing per person that apply, and this can drastically limit the amount of people that you can have at your wedding.

  2. An outdoor ceremony can offer the perfect backdrop!

    Outdoor wedding backdrops can feature panoramic views. Beautiful natural and garden settings, waterfalls, ocean, or beach… the options are practically limitless. An indoor wedding venue could seldom offer a panoramic view!

    Here at Mimosa Glen’s Wedding Rock, our backdrop has 360-degree breath-taking views of the majestic Tooboorac Ranges. The place in which the bridal couple take their vows is on a gigantic ancient granite boulder. The rustic country atmosphere is tangible!

  3. Creative Seating is possible with an outdoor wedding

    outdoor wedding venue vintage style

    For example, at our Wedding Rock within our natural central Victoria countryside – we usually provide hay bales for the seating at the ceremony covered with white calico cloth. This adds so much to the rustic country atmosphere and in turn – the experience that you and your wedding guests have. Whether you are wanting a rustic, boho, glamorous, tropical, vintage etc. you can set the atmosphere simply by the seating arrangements and style you choose.

    One of our Weddings chose to use an assortment of charismatic vintage chairs! It made for remarkable wedding photos! It truly reflected the character of the bridal couple themselves.

    Perhaps not something that you consider really when deciding on the style wedding you would like. The benefit of outdoor weddings where you need to provide seating (such as a park, natural reserve, beach etc.) is that you can choose what you would like!

  4. A food van or drink station means you are catered wherever you go

    The real magic is that you don’t have to compromise on your catering to have the ideal spot for your wedding. You can have the ultimate natural oasis coupled with the comforts and luxury of whatever drinks and food you desire! This makes for an extra special experience because it is rare to get this combination – best of both worlds!

    Here are some examples of what is available on offer for food and drink van stations: Particularly here in Victoria, there are a plethora of vendors offering food and drinks via transportable stations. We work with many vendors that bring their catering to our Homestead for Weddings and pretty much any style of food or ‘atmosphere’ you want to create, can be achieved!

5.  Wedding photographs at outdoor weddings 

  • As much as your wedding day is wonderful, it is a busy day! From getting all glammed up, to the ceremony, meeting and greeting guests and then squeezing your wedding photos in between the ceremony and reception! If you are dreaming of a beautiful beach backdrop for your bridal party photos travelling from the ceremony to the photo location and then on to your reception can eat into your valuable time of getting the perfect wedding photos!
  • If you have your wedding at the outdoor location which you also dream of having your photos – then there is no travel rush! You are already there, and you can enjoy your time a little more and the photography process without watching the clock so closely.
  • Here at Mimosa Glen, there are various stunning backdrops to have your photos. The majestic Tooborac ranges, the colourful country gardens, the rustic homestead estate and woolshed barn…