Planning your Wedding during COVID and some tips to consider 

Here at Mimosa Glen in Victoria Australia, like other wedding vendors, have had to adapt to the new realities of hosting weddings during a global pandemic.

The enquiries from engaged couples in 2021 has certainly increased since the beginning of the pandemic. Perhaps enquiries have changed in terms of the type of wedding couples are seeking. Many have downsized, preferring a smaller wedding, or postponing till months later.

We have had to implement COVID safety plans and procedures. We also integrated new terms into our wedding venue hire contracts. It is a challenging time for everyone, and we want to be as flexible as we possibly can to help engaged couples have a truly memorable wedding.

The viral pandemic cannot stop love!

As new couples get engaged and/or rescheduled weddings continue to face constraints, it’s tricky to figure out what’s the best move forward for couples.

Do you elope? Do you host a small gathering? Do you wait for everyone to be vaccinated? Is it responsible to take a honeymoon? And where can we go? Couples are now facing options that look nothing like their Pinterest boards and weddings pre-COVID.

There are still so many great options to make a memorable and special wedding. Here at Mimosa Glen, we are fortunate that our venue is suitable for small intimate weddings, even eloping couples. This year Mimosa Glen has introduced more wedding package options to cater for more varied options (particularly for smaller weddings).

Our Wedding Rock – a safe outdoor location, is majestic and perfect for wedding nuptials either with just the couple or a small party of witnesses. Couples can book our woolshed just for the day, or make a weekend of it by booking our intimate country cottage, or the whole homestead.

Our Woolshed still makes a perfect venue for both nuptials and wedding receptions. From a small wedding party of 10 up to your more traditional wedding celebrations sizes of 100 or 150.

Some handy tips for planning your wedding during COVID times:

Read the contracts

This is good advice at any time really, but it is especially important while planning a wedding during a pandemic.

Be clear on what the cancellation and rescheduling policy is. Find out if your deposit will transfer to a new date if you need to postpone due to unforeseen restrictions or lockdowns. And don’t forget to establish what is the available period that you are able to postpone for.

Minimise the number of vendors

It takes many providers to pull your wedding together. From venue, catering and cake to the dresses, hair, and make-up. Let’s not forget the photographer and more besides…

The smaller number of vendors you are dealing with – the less contracts, terms, and parties you need to coordinate. Especially if there is changing restrictions and lockdowns due to COVID.

How can you do this? For example, you could find a service provider that does both hair and make-up. OR consider a venue that provides accommodation also, like Mimosa Glen – then there is no requirements for transport of the Wedding party.

Less vendors will also mean less work and time for you, calling around them all in the event of a COVID interruptions.

Sue, owner of Mimosa Glen has many contacts for Catering, photographers and more besides. Don’t hesitate to contact Sue for more information. 

Get savvy with technology

Use things like zoom and facetime to continue with the preparations and planning of your wedding. Things like selecting flowers, viewing venues could be done via facetime or zoom if need be. Of course, it is not ideal but it will allow you to continue planning when there is restrictions on travel or face-to-face meetings.

Be clear on your own COVID plan

No one really wants to place their loved ones in a position of deciding between their physical safety and disappointment of missing your wedding. Decide where you draw the line on going ahead with your wedding.

Will you wait until everyone has access to vaccination and/or medical clearance first? Will you go for a smaller wedding and not invite those from interstate or overseas to prevent placing your loved ones in such a predicament? Make your decisions up-front and stick to them to avoid disappointment. Once your clear on your plan – it will make it easier to plan your wedding, rather than continued uncertainty on what move you will make depending on the current ever-changing conditions.

Have a backup plan!

There have been a variety of COVID-friendly wedding iterations. For example, you could revert of a small intimate wedding and save a larger party for a future date. Perhaps on one of your anniversaries! Then it is not all disappointment, and you have something more to look forward to while enjoying the benefits from a small intimate wedding for now.

We have held many small weddings here at Mimosa Glen and they are so special. Our wedding couples have said they make it more personable and truly a memorable occasion.

Here at Mimosa Glen, Sue is more than happy to answer engaged couples’ questions during this challenging time.