There are many aspects to running a venue that perhaps most people don’t consider when selecting a sustainable Wedding venue. We speak with Sue – Owner and Manager of Mimosa Glen about what makes Mimosa Glen a sustainable Wedding venue.

Some practices we have in place contribute towards making an event, (such as a Wedding) produce less of an impact on the environment. Then there are some practices and things we have in place that directly impact the sustainability of our operational activities for the venue itself.

Currently here are things we do in the operational management of Mimosa Glen to show our love for the planet:

????  We harvest our water⁠
????  We have on-site water waste management system⁠
????  We compost of all waste⁠
????  Cleaning on-site is done using green biodegradable products⁠
????  We plant trees at our Estate every year reducing the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere⁠
????  We use Fly co (pest control) – a company using only pyrethrum based products⁠
????  We hand weed, mulch and compost/recycle green waste⁠

And here is are the things we implement to host more mindfully eco-friendly events:

????  No plastic plates or cutlery⁠ policy
????  Continuing to improve in recycling all rubbish⁠ produced on-site
????  We re-use equipment where possible and have a great network of providers that specialise in pre-loved things that add those special personal touches at events and Weddings
????  We don’t hold weddings in the hotter months Jan /Feb as our energy use is too high
????  We have a catalogue of pre-loved decor to share with guests⁠ and encourage all aspects of their event to reflect sustainable values

Our most recent change at Mimosa Glen is adding Solar Panels to our Homestead. Transitioning to solar energy has been a long anticipated, exciting change because we are now carbon neutral.

Other than what you’ve implemented at Mimosa Glen, what other things can we look for in terms of sustainable venues?

For sustainably minded events – choosing a sustainable venue is one of the first important decisions you can make when planning an eco-Wedding (or eco-event if a physical location is essential).

I suggest asking about a venue’s environmental ethos and how they have implemented that in the operations of the venue and the events they run. As mentioned before, there are many aspects we can change and/or improve to further reduce our impact on the environment. As venues are so varied – there could be a vast array of ways that they can achieve more sustainability. And by knowing these elements, you will have a better idea of just how ‘eco-friendly’ they really are.

Things you can consider in addition to the elements I have itemised in what we do at Mimosa Glen are:

  • How much does the venue capitalise on use of natural lighting within the venue?
  • Does the venue manage the decoration of the venue and if so, are they using sustainably friendly suppliers?  
  • Is catering managed by the venue? Do they source in-season locally produced produce?
  • What is their food-waste management policy?
  • Ask about their ‘plastics policy’. Do they substitute single-use plastics for reusable or biodegradable materials?
  • If the venue is relatively new, has it been constructed using environmentally friendly materials? And using minimal footprint on its environment during the construction process?
  • Does the venue’s structure, airflow and insulation improve interior climate control naturally vs. need for air-conditioning/heating?
  • Following events – what is done with any excess/left-over food? Do they donate it to local not-for-profits to benefit the local community and reduce waste?
  • Does the venue contribute to any research and/or community initiatives that help our planet?This is a good point to consider if you are particularly passionate about a particular part of our eco-system. For example, you may want to select a venue that shows just how serious they are in protecting and helping our oceans by financially supporting such initiatives.  While green initiatives are normally the first to spring to mind, venues may also focus on supporting the sustainability in their local communities, like we do here at Mimosa Glen.


What are your tips for other venues that would like to lessen their impact on the environment?

I would have to say that owners/operators of venues that are looking to become more sustainable can firstly look at their values. What is important to them?

My family and I are 5th Generation farmers that have made a living off the land and sustainable practices have always been a priority for us. Give back to the land what it produces and minimising our footprint on it.

Therefore, in running Mimosa Glen Homestead – a Country property – many of the sustainable operations of the venue came naturally to me.

In the management of events that are mindfully eco-friendly however, I needed to do some research and source suppliers and wonderful communities like Less Stuff More Meaning. It is via such networks of environmentally friendly communities that I have sourced wonderful providers for those I need to collaborate with to host events and Weddings. For example:

  • Caterers
  • Catering equipment
  • Event Hire equipment
  • Photographers
  • Musicians / performers / audio AV
  • Make-up artists
  • Celebrants etc. and more besides…

So, I find it helps to separate the ‘operations’ from the ‘events’ management – address each area separately and run through the list (like the elements I have mentioned here) of areas that you can make your event venue reduce its impact on the environment.  For more details for our locals The City of Melbourne provides a great checklist you can refer to  here on choosing an environmentally friendly venue.

Thanks for the great tips Sue!