It’s one of the hardest steps in planning a Wedding, who’s coming? But perhaps even more challenging now because you need to navigate COVID-19 restrictions.

Working out the number of guests you want to invite to your Wedding is probably the first thing to do when planning your Wedding. Perhaps it’s become more important than ever because of the COVID19 pandemic, especially here in Melbourne.

Start to plan, sooner rather than later

It is hard to know what restrictions may be at the time you plan to Marry. We recommend having a few short lists. First guest list: Include the most people you would like to invite. Second list reduced to 50 guests, and third list reduced to 20 guests. Depending on how the COVID pandemic goes, you may even need to consider a small intimate Wedding with a few family and/or friends OR perhaps just yourselves and the celebrant.

Be clear about why you have selected the people in each of your guest lists. It’s near impossible to make everyone happy and to meet all expectations. We have found this to be the case in our experience assisting couples in planning their Wedding.

Ultimately your priority is the safety of all of your guests during these unprecedented times and if you clearly communicate this, people will understand. Take it from us – it’s your day and honestly trying to please everyone will only diminish your special day!

Consider realistic expectations regarding travel requirements of your guests. Some may not necessarily feel comfortable traveling during this pandemic (even within the next year or so), therefore have the important conversations to gauge the comfort level of your loved ones first and foremost.  

Planning your number of guests is an essential step before you start looking for your perfect Wedding Venue. Many Wedding venues have a maximum number they can accommodate for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions. A handy tip to remember is that formal dining, planned seating Receptions will usually mean a smaller number of guests within any given space. Not to mention the social distancing rules that apply now with COVID.  

Selecting a Wedding Venue during a COVID pandemic!

During these COVID times it is important that you check with any prospective Wedding venue that they have a COVID-19 Safety plan for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions and these will vary for each State. This is VIC current restrictions.

These guidelines and regulations will inevitably change by the future date you have scheduled for your Wedding. We recommend you keep up to date on a regular basis so that you can make adjustments far enough in advance if needed.

Here is an example of NSW’s current COVID-19 safety plan for Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions as  of 24th July 2020.

After checking that a venue is compliant with latest restrictions, keep in regular contact with them in planning what the restrictions will be on the date you plan to Marry. Of-course we are not to know exactly what those restrictions may be in these unprecedented times.

Weddings are usually planned well in advance of the date they occur, so here is hoping that in Melbourne, the restrictions will be considerably less than they currently are!

Will smaller Weddings be the future trend because of COVID-19?

Well we are not about to make a prediction on this, but because there is no date set for a cure, it is inevitable that we will need to make some lifestyle changes. Adjustments to all aspects of our lives, including Weddings.

What we will say however is that small Weddings are our specialty here at Mimosa Glen Homestead! All the couples that have had their Wedding at Mimosa Glen have cherished the intimacy of their Wedding. A smaller Wedding can be have its own unique benefits over a large event. Perhaps it provides the opportunity for you to mingle more with loved ones that play a large part in your life. A more relaxed atmosphere is certainly a bonus of smaller intimate Weddings. The planning may be a little easier too!

Our Wedding Rock or Country Garden at Mimosa Glen provide the opportunity for an outdoor Ceremony (and Reception in our Gardens). Check with your State Government on latest COVID-19 safe distancing and health regulations, generally there is opportunity for a higher number of guests at outdoor venues.

Mimosa Glen have various size Wedding packages including some intimate small Wedding packages if you want to do away with the stress of planning a guest list for your Wedding and simply elope! See our Intimate Wedding Package; Bride & Groom Wedding Package and Couples Eloping Package.

We are here to support any couples that have questions with selecting their Wedding venue and planning their Wedding guest list, for a future Wedding celebration here at our Mimosa Glen Homestead.